Gondwana w. E.N Young
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E.N Young

All Ages
Gondwana w. E.N Young - 5.19.20 - Doors: 8:00PM, Music: 9:00PM

For over thirty years, the Chilean band Gondwana has been touring, performing, and recording

uninterrupted. Emerging from the underground music scene during the brutal dictatorship of Agusto

Pinochet, Gondwana brings forth a fresh blend of Latin and Jamaican rhythms among other influences

such as Rock n’ Roll and soul. With pulsating energy and a smooth, original sound, eight polished

musicians are the soul of Chile's number one reggae band.

Through songs dealing with various themes such as romantic love, general love, universal unity, social

consciousness, uprising, and spiritual praise, Gondwana reveals both positive and realists messages

that serve as an uplifting force for fans of all musical genres. Spirit-moving falsetto notes, bubbling

bass, hard drums, guitar solos and arrangements, and horns are the primary ingredients found in the

highly acclaimed band’s music.

Without a doubt, Gondwana is one of the most prestigious, solid reggae bands to emerge from South

America. With constant movement across the world and a myriad of vibrant live performances,

Gondwana continues to deliver an acclaimed repertoire of hits and new material. The band is

internationally recognized as one of Chile’s most successful musical acts – not just in reggae but across

all genres.

Already superstars in their native Chile and throughout South America, Gondwana has been gaining

very enthusiastic fans throughout the world, as evident by their extensive social media following and a

sizeable number of international concerts per year. From its humble beginnings in La Pincoya, a

notorious northern Santiago slum, to a leading position in Chilean pop music, Gondwana has remained

true to their original posture, standing tall and strong in a peace-loving position of musical and lyrical


Formed in 1987 by founder, writer, composer, producer, and bassist I-Locks Labbe, Gondwana has

been awarded several multi-platinum albums throughout its 30+ year career. Additionally, they’ve

performed numerous times in what are known to be some of the most important festivals throughout

the continent. Recently, Gondwana has performed at various renowned festivals such as "Reggae on

the River Fest,” "Rock Al Parque" Colombia, “Jamming Fest” Colombia "Vive Latino" Mexico, "Pepsi

Music Fest" Argentina, "Cosquin Rock" Argentina, "Quito Fest" Ecuador, twice at the prestigious

"Vina del Mar Festival" in Chile, “Ruido Fest” in Chicago, “Lollapalooza” in Chile, and they were the

first Latin band to perform at “Cali Roots” in California in 2016. Gondwana has also embarked on

numerous worldwide tours such as a 2016 North American Tour that included 53 shows, thus, making

it the longest consecutive tour by a Latin reggae band in North America. Some of the cities included

Mexico City, Tijuana, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle, Salt Lake City,

Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington

D.C., New York City, Boston, Montreal, Cleveland, Chicago, and Nashville. The band has also

performed in Spain, Sweden, Finland, Germany, and France. Since 2010, the band has averaged over

70 concerts per year and has toured the United States and Canada every year since 2011 and

occasionally between 1998 and 2009).

Updated September, 2019

A surprising aspect of Gondwana is their notable digital and social media activity as demonstrated by

their ever-growing YouTube fan base that’s currently includes over 130 million views with an average

of 30,000 monthly visitors accessing the band's official website, and over 1 million

followers on Facebook, over 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and 150,000 followers on

Instagram. Furthermore, many of their songs have surpassed the 20 million mark on Spotify, including

“Setimiento Original,” “Antonia,” and Verde, Amarillo, y Rojo.” This can only be attributed to a strong

bond and romance between the band and its fans. The fact that the band maintains such a fan base

demonstrates what a massive impact the band has had around the world, especially considering that the

band has lacked the support from prominent producers or the support of any one of the major record

labels during recent years.

Their most recent album was released in early 2017, titled Carpe Diem, with notable features such as

Bob Marley’s son, Ky-Mani Marley, Los Autenticos Decadentes, and Matthew Jacquette from Miami.

The album was released in May of 2017 under the prestigious Argentina label, PopArt. Their previous

album, released in 2015, was titled “Reggae n’ Roll,” a name that provides a tribute to one of

Gondwana’s greatest genre influence: Rock n’ Roll. It is worth noting that the most influential band for

Gondwana was The Police, a classic rock band. In fact, its founder and chief songwriter, bassist I-

Locks Labbe began his music career after witnessing The Police perform at the Viña del Mar music

festival in 1982; the inspirations provided by The Police’s concert led to Labbe forming what would

become Gondwana in 1987 and eventually performing at the same festival 10 years later.

GONDWANA is officially comprised of the following members:

I-Locks Labbe on bass (30 years with the band), Keno “Fingaman” Valenzuela on keyboards (27 years

with the band), and Jorge “Gato” Ramos on saxophone (25 years with the band).

Current permanent guest musicians include singer and songwriter Maximiliano “Maxi” Vargas who is

currently enjoying his second stint with the band after performing with the band for 5 years in the past.

Other musicians include Nelson “Pez” Lopez on guitar (25 years with the band), “Pancho” Contreras

on trumpet (15 years with the band), Francisco “Panty Tone” Martinez on guitar and backup vocals (5

years with the band), and Claudio Loyola on drums (1 year with the band but had previously performed

and recorded with the band for 6 years in the past).

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