Jeremy Beaman EP Release with Lifted Mindz, The Science Project, Goop City

Jeremy Beaman EP Release with Lifted Mindz, The Science Project, Goop City

Jeremy Beaman
Lifted Mindz
Goop City
The Science Project
Ages 18+
Jeremy Beaman releases his EP with Lifted Mindz, The Science Project, and Goop City!

Extremely excited to announce the release date of my EP! We've been working really hard on putting together an amazing set of tunes, and are coming together for a night of celebration and good music! Many of the artists on this line-up have helped in such tremendous ways with the recording process, and this event will be a great time to showcase what we have been working on. Bring your friends, bring your family, and come prepared to have a great time!

$8 at the door

Doors 8:00 P.M.

8:45-9:30 Goop City Music : A collaborative group of individuals, with various musical talents, combining there passions for musical exploration and expanding the boundaries of traditional hip-hop to create a fusion-genre of psychedelic hip-hop and jazz.

9:45-10:30 The Science Project : With over 15 years’ experience performing, “The Science Project” is hard to pin a genre label on, and is poised to take on the notion that direction be solely based on popular trends. One part Prog-Rock, one part disco, a dash of reggae, and a whole lot of weird only scratches the surface of what the group is capable of, with their self-recorded debut “Adjacent Dimensions” taking listeners on a Sgt. Peppers like smorgasbord of modern music, that band decided to take a more stripped back approach with their follow-up EP 3T:The Extraterrestrial Experience, employing a sound more similar to their music contemporaries. Live performances from the band are anything but predictable, with the band eschewing the standard set list format to create a more free flowing style of live performance, playing music similar to the way a DJ would mix songs, mixing and mashing along the way originals and covers to create a completely original sound.

10:45 pm - 12 a.m : Jeremy Beaman Music & Friends Jeremy Beaman, a multi-instrumentalist who sings and plays guitar; as well as playing violin, grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. At a young age experienced being displaced from immediate family and was then raised by an aunt and uncle who helped him discover his passion for music. Jeremy often found solace in writing and creating music and also playing with different groups. He has spent the past few years cultivating a unique sound coupled with thought invoking lyrics, creating a collaboration of soulful tunes and relaxing grooves to keep the listener thoughtful and moving.. He draws his inspirations from the subtle beauties of nature, and the inevitable hardcomings of life. Intertwining a wholesome balance of dark and light. Jeremy likes to work with other artists for live performances to bring something unique for every perfomance. For this show Jeremy will be teaming up with Adam Smith on bass and John Holt on drums!

12:15- End: Lifted Mindz An organic blend of hip-hop, psychedelia and organic roots, Lifted Mindz’ music speaks to a generation that is constantly in flux and looking for meaning. Members Eloda, Optimistic, Logoz the Kritick, and Wolphe are driven by one philosophy: that living through music and spreading love can radically change the world we live in for the better. More than a band, Lifted Mindz is a community, and one that continues to grow as its sound and positive message resonate throughout the Twin Cities and around the world. Their achievements are impressive; from packed shows at the legendary 7th St Entry, to the main stage at Harmony Park to touring nationally and performing at festivals aroud the world. They have organized and facilitated a string of live shows and events, organized multiple mixtape series’ and work as artist educators on a regular basis. Although they started from humble beginnings, their popularity continues to grow as what began with a set of acoustic guitars and home recording equipment has rapidly become a crew of professional young musicians making big waves in the modern music scene.

Live art from Take me to the Shaman and Jordan Doolittle

Logoz The Kritick will be the DJ for the night!

Venue Information:
The Cabooze
917 Cedar Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN, 55404