Flatwater Mississippi, Mutation, The Bad Man

Flatwater Mississippi


The Bad Man

200 Days of Rain

Wed, October 25, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


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This event is 18 and over

Flatwater Mississippi
Flatwater Mississippi
// Blue Light //
Blue light shine down from the eyes of a lady onto you
Red light from a red sun sudden now
Cursed to a doom on a dune
Stars will fall when the sirens call
For you to walk alone
Shadows shine tight with the time
Watch your loom unwind like flesh
From a bone

The sky is aligned with the words it will write let it set it's sight on you
Follow it's gaze to a midsummer haze find it's nebula page turning blue
Buried deep outside, the Earths treasure is time
Roaming wildly to a waste
So climb up those stairs fill lungs loosly with air and blue light come on
Venture to space.

// Flatwater Mississppi //
Flatwater mississippi
Won't do you no good
Flatwater mississippi
Won't do you know good
Better walk down to that river boy
God know's that you should

See that soft moon rising
I think it's calling you name
See that soft moon rising
I think it's calling your name
You better walk under that moonlight boy
You'll never be the same

You better find you voice boy
Before one howls for you
You better make some noise boy
You'll need someone to come for you
You better follow through down at that river boy
Before it swallows you

Flat flat, water water, mississippi, mississippi
Mutation is a newly formed 4 piece heavy metal band from the Twin Cities. A twist of all metal genres.
The Bad Man
The Bad Man
Unprepared, loud, and rowdy, The Bad Man came together in 2016 to dust off the Minneapolis sound. Written in three months, their debut album Aint Clean pays homage to the classic punk songbook while laying a foundation for the back-alley bounce the band is becoming known for. The Bad Man is currently working on their sophomore release. In the meantime: bum a ride, see 'em live, they're worth the cover charge.
200 Days of Rain
200 Days of Rain
Hard rock band 200 Days of Rain started 2 years ago in the Republic of Georgia as the solo project of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Niko Kiknadze. While he had to quickly set aside the project as he prepared to move to Minnesota and attend McNally Smith College of Music, he maintained a goal of revitalizing the project into a full band during his time at the college.

Niko met Tomas first at McNally Smith and after singing in Tomas’s recital, asked Tomas if he’d like to join 200 Days of Rain as a lead guitarist. After accepting, Tomas recommended bassist Drew Stinson and drummer Avery Frisk. The band is currently working towards recording their first album, inspired by artists such as Alter Bridge, Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi, Audioslave, and Pearl Jam.
Venue Information:
The Cabooze
917 Cedar Ave
Minneapolis, MN, 55404