All in the Couch presents: Social Nous, The Nightwalkers

All in the Couch presents: Social Nous, The Nightwalkers

Wed, October 11, 2017

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

This event is 18 and over

Social Nous
Social Nous
Social - Adj. “relating to society or its organization”
Nous - Noun. “common sense or intellect”

Originating in St. Paul, MN, we aim to define ourselves through the sounds we produce.
With influences ranging from Zeppelin and Floyd to Radiohead and the Gorillaz, our music uniquely encompasses aspects stemmed from many different genres. Each member adding a distinct ingredient makes it fun for us to not only play together as a whole, but also listen as individuals. As music school has shown us, there are many different conventional styles as well as contemporary ones. We involve as many as we can to make our music relatable and enjoyable for any listener. Some bands have a target demographic and a specific sound to match whereas we merely accept the challenge to reach anyone with our music. We don’t shy away from dissimilarity, we embrace it. To us, that is Social Nous. It’s who we are and it’s what we do.
Venue Information:
The Cabooze
917 Cedar Ave
Minneapolis, MN, 55404