Rass Kwame & Noah Factor & the Mind Settaz Dual CD Release Party

MidAmerica Talent Presents:

Rass Kwame & Noah Factor & the Mind Settaz Dual CD Release Party

Thu, August 16, 2018

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:30 pm

$8.00 Cover at the door

This event is 18 and over

Rass Kwame
Rass Kwame
Rass Kwame of Accra, Ghana, in an act of faith, brought his unique brand of storytelling to America more than 25 years ago. His African style of Roots Reggae is his doorway to a world in which Jah sees our suffering, but Ananse, the spider-trickster-storyteller-god, tells the story of who we are, how we got here, and how we can reconnect to Jah. The rhythms of his music, his drumming, are pure Africa. His sentiment, longing, and redemption are evidence of the resources he has drawn with him across the water and found in astonishing ways in this new land.
Noah Factor & the Mind Settaz
Noah Factor & the Mind Settaz
Noah Factor and the MindSettaZ are a dynamic original reggae band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. A powerful trio of guitar, bass and drums, they are a musical force that sonically sounds like a band twice it’s size. Pound for pound, Noah Factor and the MindSettaZ are the best Reggae band around.
Originally born in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pa, Noah Factor spent his youth in various parts of the world. At the age of 6 from a small town in Pennsylvania, his family relocated to Quito, Ecuador, then Bangkok, Thailand, and finally Tampico, Mexico. Noah was 17 when he and his family relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Living abroad in so many interesting locations have given him a worldly view and an understanding of different cultures around the globe.
Noah Factor has been performing music live since 2001. He got his start in a reggae cover band that played college bars and dives though it didn't take long for Noah Factor to start writing original music. He sings with passion, soul and has an instantly classic reggae voice that is truly unique.
MindSettaZ are a Reggae production and performance duo from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Bassist G. Alex Cole and drummer Adam Russell Cole have been playing music together for twenty years. The Cole Brothers are both multi-instrumentalists in the studio and are renowned for their prolific music production and songwriting skills.
As a live band, MindSettaZ are second to none. In the last couple of years they have backed up numerous international Reggae artists live such as; Luciano, Everton Blender, Chuck Fenda, Turbulence and many other talented Reggae singers.
Although Noah Factor and the MindSettaZ are a new band, having formed in the fall of 2017, all three band members are well experienced on the stage and in the studio. Noah Factor and the MindSettaZ are constantly recording new original music. Their debut album is finished and will be released in the spring of 2018 and they have already started production on the follow up album.
Noah Factor and the MindSettaZ will continue to keep moving forward and rise up to greater musical heights.
Venue Information:
The Cabooze
917 Cedar Ave
Minneapolis, MN, 55404